Good Afternoon and Good Night Images

This globalization era has modified our food habits and the sleeping routines too. Night shift workers have to sleep all day to work peacefully in the night. Wish those shift workers with these Good Afternoon and Good Night Images. Download and ping them these greetings, quotes, and wallpapers to wish them for a peaceful sleep in the noon time.

    I pray that this noon shall bring for you, a success with lots of bounties and joy. May your day be blessed with lots of smiles good afternoon!

    I have given my heart to you, filled with boundless passion. I wish you the most beautiful things in this afternoon.

    I am praying that we should enough time to always be together so that my heart will be used to the bliss of the special love you have for me. I love you—Good afternoon.

    A genuine and sincere boyfriend like you is very rare to find, now that you belong to me, I will always value to keep you for me forever. Good afternoon.

    You are to me like an angel of peace because since the day I set my eyes on you, never have I found a reason to be sad. Good afternoon, I love you.

    Find from here the best good afternoon and good night quotes and greetings to wish your loved ones in the middle of the day. This could help them feel relaxed and cared while they go for sleeping. You can download any number of images and e-cards from here for non-commercial purposes like online sharing.

    I want you to relax this afternoon so that the morning stress can find a reason to leave your body. Good afternoon the pearl of passion on my mind.

    I wish I can see you any moment from now but distance has divided us never giving me the opportunity to say Hi to the one I cherish so much. Good afternoon.

    Having seen you from far away, my heart melts because I cherish everything about you. I hope you enjoy the powerful smile I casted at you? It is the sign of brightness, good afternoon.

    I wish that you are here today to hug and kiss me. I am willing to put my arms around your neck to feel the impact of your love for me. Good afternoon.

    My desire is to be with you always so that I can keep my head on your chest to hear the songs that your heart sings for me. Good afternoon.

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