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    The afternoon had made them tranquil for a while, as if to give them a deep memory for the long parting the next day promised.

    The afternoon of a human life must have a significance of its own, and cannot be merely a pitiful appendage to life’s morning.

    It is the end of a fine bronze tinted afternoon with purple shadows and febrile scraps of cloud.

    It is the still, yellow kind of afternoon when one is apt to get stuck in a dream if one sits very quiet

    How's it going? Good afternoon. I'm doing swell...I hope I can say the same for you.

    He brings to the fierce struggle of politics the tepid enthusiasm of a lazy summer afternoon at a cricket match.

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    Hey I cant be here long just saying hey and wishing you a good afternoon.

    If you ever have any doubts about yourself, I need you to know you’re one of the most amazing humans I know. You’re hardworking and smart. You’ll hit the spotlight someday soon. I just know. Good afternoon.

    When all is said and done, your true friends are those who remain. Thanks for being my friend always. I see you dear. Good afternoon.

    I don’t take your friendship for granted, ever. You’re the reason I want to be better. Good afternoon, my friend.

    Well, I don’t know if I ever told you this, I’m glad you’re my friend and I’m proud to be associated with you. You can count on me guy/babe. Good afternoon.

    Friends like you are the reason the world is a bit more bearable. You matter to me dear. Good afternoon.

    If I could paint my love in a picture, it would take up the entire world. It is impossible to put my feelings for you into words. I love you. Have a good afternoon.

    You mean the whole world to me, so I find happiness in your happiness. Because of that, I am really hoping that you had an amazing morning and will have an even better afternoon.

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